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(U-Th)/He Thermochronology Laboratory

The Basin Analysis & Thermochronology Lab at UConn will house a customized system for extraction and measurement of helium isotopes for (U-Th)/He thermochronology. We analyze a suite of minerals from bedrock and detrital samples to quantify the thermal and exhumational histories of the Earth’s crust and sediments.


Our fully automated Santa Cruz Laser Microfurnace extraction line features a Pfeiffer PrismaPlus QMS, ARS cryogenic trap and chiller, a 45 W 980 nm laser diode, a multi-sample diffusion cell, and a laser planchette cell. The system will be fully automated with an integrated CompactRIO system and LabVIEW control code. Stay tuned for updates on instrument calibration as we come online!

The lab also hosts a petrographic microscope outfitted with a Pelcon automated point counting system, a polarized stereomicroscope & camera software for sample preparation, and wet chemistry facilities for mineral dissolution.

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