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Courses taught

GEOG/GSCI 2310    National Parks Unearthed: Geology & Landscapes Through Time (3 cr. course)

GSCI 3010                Earth History and Global Change (3 cr. course)

GSCI 4140                Sedimentary Basin Analysis (3 cr. course)

GSCI 4998                Fundamentals of Geothermochronology (3 cr. course)


Taught previously at Indiana University

GEOL G-138                   Geology of State and National Parks Revealed (3 cr. course)

GEOL G-572                   Sedimentary Basin Analysis (3 cr. course)

GEOL G-690                  Thermochronology and Crustal Evolution (3 cr. course)

GEOL G-690                  Applications of Detrital Geochronology (seminar)

GEOL G-690                  Sedimentary Archives of Foreland Basin Systems (seminar)

GEOL G-690                  Sedimentary Provenance Analysis (seminar)